Advertisement in our online magazine for foreign advertiser

Thank you for your interest in advertising in our magazine. Due to the large number of emails from abroad and requests for advertising space, we have prepared the following page. It includes the most important conditions, which we do not bypass in any way. The following conditions are the basic pillars of future cooperation, in case you are interested in our space.

Advertising in the zn.sk magazine has its own strict rules:

  1. we do not support any gambling, financial services, adult topics, pharmaceutical, political, marijuana and other topics.
  2. published articles must be in a grammatically correct Slovak version. Not an article through a translator.
  3. the article must not contain a product photo, product names in the title of the article, and the content must be interesting as well as beneficial.
  4. the link in the article must not point to pages with a prohibited topic.
  5. articles are published under the PR (TS) account and published in the News category (Novinky)
  6. articles are permanent and links are not blocked
  7. we do not sell backlinks
  8. the invoice is a matter of course. We use a bank transfer to an account number in IBAN format. Paypal is not a common form of payment and is possible exceptionally.
  9. all content must be fully legal. All target link must be fully legaly withou any later redirections.
  10. translating your article to slovak language is possible
  11. please do not ask us to register our portal in advertising systems and your databases.
  12. We do not publish free articles
  13. Please do not register our contacts in any PR newsletters. Contact us directly. We do not wish to be contacted by automated systems, regular summaries and unsolicited messages without a clear intention of advertising or other cooperation.

The above strict conditions are important. They are the most frequently asked by people interested in advertising from abroad. We do not violate these rules, so please accept them. Many interested parties ask us to deviate from these rules. Unfortunately, such an option is not possible. If you accept these rules, please read all conditions below, and contact us at redakcia (*) zn.sk only afterwards.

All details and conditions are under: https://zn.sk/reklama/  (use translator to your language)


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